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February 12, 2010

A London pre-wedding shoot

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Once again I found myself in London to shoot some fun pre-wedding images of Zaa and Yannis, who get married in June in Aberdeen.

They are both architects and living in North London, so chose a shoot around the city for its rich variety of buildings and backdrops (and who can blame them?) and especially around St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern art gallery on the South Bank. Although the weather was again a little on the – shall we say, chilly side – we all had a good giggle and the resulting images show what fun they both had.

For those other couples booked with me for their weddings this year, hopefully you’ve started to have a think about where you’d like to have your pre-wedding shoot –  I can’t wait to see you all again and start snapping!


October 21, 2009

Eleni and Tim – pre wedding shoot at Stanborough Lakes

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Eleni and Tim get married next month at The Barns in Bedford and will be my penultimate wedding of 2009 (unless of course any late bookings come in!) We met on Sunday at Stanborough Lakes in Welwyn Garden City on what was a lovely autumnal afternoon with soft sunshine. We walked around the lakes, stopping when I spotted some likely areas for photo opportunities. I have had it mentioned by clients more than once that my eyes are always darting around looking for places to use for photographs – I mainly look for colour and textures, but sometimes I can’t quite explain why I’m drawn to a particular spot – it just ‘feels’ right.

After the shoot came to an end, I asked Eleni and Tim if there was a shot they particularly wanted that we hadn’t done and Eleni said she’d like one with leaves – the two of them throwing leaves at each other, in fact. Poor old Tim got hundreds thrown at him before I got the shot I wanted!

Anyway, here’s a selection of images from their pre-wedding shoot.

Eleni and Tim-25Eleni and Tim-33Eleni and Tim-37Eleni and Tim-39Eleni and Tim-34Eleni and Tim-54Eleni and Tim-70Eleni and Tim-72Eleni and Tim-75Eleni and Tim-80Eleni and Tim-90bEleni and Tim-91Eleni and Tim-92Eleni and Tim-101Eleni and Tim-106Eleni and Tim-114Eleni and Tim-119Eleni and Tim-123Eleni and Tim-138Eleni and Tim-139

September 2, 2009

Nichola and John – pre-wedding shoot

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Nichola is actually my hairdresser. I had, after over a year of growing my hair and realising I was getting fed up with it, decided to have it cut shorter again and made an appointment. When I arrived, Nichola told me she and John were finally getting married and guess what? They didn’t have a photographer. It turned out she had been trying to get in touch with me but didn’t know my surname and only had my old mobile phone number on record, so it was amazing that I decided to pop in when I did!

Anyway, enough of the spooky coincidence – the three of us met up yesterday in Winchmore Hill in North London to get some great informal shots of the two of them prior to their wedding on the 20th at Leez Priory in Essex – a beautiful venue to get married in. Afterwards we had the pre-wedding meeting in a lovely local pub over a drink – a perfect ending to a great photoshoot! Here are some of their images.

Nichola and John-16Nichola and John-26Nichola and John-2Nichola and John-5Nichola and John-63Nichola and John-25Nichola and John-71Nichola and John-77Nichola and John-74

August 24, 2009

Keira and Matt – pre wedding shoot in St. Albans

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Yesterday I met with Keira and Matt who will celebrate their wedding next month in Lemsford. We walked around St. Albans with its Roman remains and cathedral capturing lovely romantic and natural shots of the two of them on the way – it made for a very enjoyable way to spend a Sunday! Enjoy some of their images.

Keira and Matt-11Keira and Matt-9Keira and Matt-10Keira and Matt-2Keira and Matt-5Keira and Matt-6Keira and Matt-14Keira and Matt-8Keira and Matt-4Keira and Matt-13Keira and Matt-15Keira and Matt-1Keira and Matt-18Keira and Matt-19Keira and Matt-20Keira and Matt-17

August 14, 2009

Stephanie and Ian – pre-wedding shoot in Cambridge

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When I first met Steph and Ian way back in February, we hit it off straight away as we share one common interest – The Beatles. We met up again this week for their pre-wedding shoot and as their wedding reception will be held in Cambridge in November, it seemed the obvious choice of location for their portrait images.

I was treated to a lunch in a (gasp!) vegetarian cafe called Rainbow and I must admit (being a meat eater) I thought the fare would be fairly bland but I was pleasantly surprised – I had a cauliflower, potato and chick pea curry with sticky rice and a warm chapatti and it was delicious! Thanks, guys and if I could be totally cheesy  -you really Pleased, Pleased Me! (groan)

Anyway, here are some fab images of the couple – looking forward to the wedding!



July 29, 2009

Yagnesh and Tina – pre-wedding shoot in London

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For a Hertfordshire based wedding photographer, I seem to be spending most of my shooting time in London these days – not that I mind of course, London is a great place for any kind of photography.

Yagnesh and Tina will be married in Hitchin in August and wanted some shots taken in London and specifically in front of the famous lit displays of Picadilly Circus which I did with my portable lighting gear. Because the weather was a little inclement (to say the least – the rain was lashing down) we ended up at the Barbican under cover and out of the rain. After it dried up we made our way to Picadilly for the end of the shoot. You’ll see Yagnesh and Tina’s wedding photos in the next couple of weeks!


Debi and Phil – pre-wedding shoot in North London

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Last Thursday saw me back in London for a pre-wed with Debi and Phil who get married next month. Because they asked for an area of North London I know very well from when I lived there, I knew where to take them for some really interesting places, including Holly Village – a very gothic styled private estate in Highgate, built by the founder of Coutts Bank (where the Queen keeps her overdraft).

We walked from Hampstead Heath to Parliament Hill for some panoramas of London, then up to Kenwood House where we had a well deserved cup of tea!

Please enjoy!


July 9, 2009

Stephanie and Matt – pre wedding shoot in London

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After the calm greenery of last Saturday’s country shoot, Sunday saw me in the capital with Stephanie and Matt, who tie the knot in October. They met at a club called Eros – hence the Picadilly Circus shot with the famous statue. After that, we moved East to Spitalfields and its surroundings which offer many characterful spots for great images – London is such a good place for shoots as there are so many different sides to it – urban, green, derelict – if you’re booked with me, where would you like for your pre-wedding shoot?


July 6, 2009

Skye and Liam – pre-wedding shoot in Bedfordshire

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The Swiss Gardens is part of the Shuttleworth Collection of vintage planes in Bedfordshire and was the location of choice for Skye and Liam, who get married in October. The grounds are lovely and feature many species of birds, including a few peacocks who were relaxing in the shade on a very hot day. Skye and Liam are a very funky couple and were pretty much relaxed and up for anything – I got some really cracking shots of the two of them to celebrate their engagement and upcoming wedding.


June 23, 2009

Louise and Richard

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Things have been very busy for the past week or so – so much so that I’ve had no time to post here. Along with weddings at either end of the week, another reason for that is the pre-wedding shoot I did with Louise and Richard in Waltham Abbey, who are tying the knot in September.  They wanted some shots to include their surroundings, so we wandered around the town and found loads of interesting places to shoot.


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